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    Sugar Scrubs

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    Margo S
    Verified review

    The scent was really amazing , it smells like fruity pebbles or fruit loops. It’s like a comfort food in a candle form. Burns really well and evenly. The candle itself is packaged very well , it’s in a glass container with a very pretty wooden top. Will definitely order again.

    Trey L
    Verified review

    I’ve wanted to switch to bar shampoo and move away from plastic packaging for awhile. Another company markets heavily on social and caught my attention, but the price point and shipping were too steep for something I wasn’t sure I would stick with, so I went searching for a similar cedar scent when I found this one an Bayside. The price was fair and reasonable, the shipping incredibly fast and fairly priced and I knew I was supporting woman-owned small business and reducing my environmental impact—but would it work? Could I get the same rich lather that the half-gallon plastic tubs of “3 in 1” give me with the smells I love from the trendy brands that tragically leverage toxic masculinity and turned me off of their product? The answer is YES. It’s lather on lather in lather —like an almost cartoonish amount. The smell is fantastic, my hair feels better than it ever has and is actually brushable (it’s notoriously thick and wavy). I’d bought some body wash from another place that doesn’t lather nearly as well and costs 3 times as much so I’ve just put in my order of bar soap as well. I’m so pleased with the product, the variety and the price I can’t wait to try others. Do good, smell good, take care of yourself, the planet and support small business —that’s a win every way around!

    Lisa S
    Verified review

    Love all your soaps and powders love this magical scent! Not too strong just right!

    Alan C
    Verified review

    I purchased this key lime body powder is a replacement for the long discontinued Caswell-Massey lime talc. I use it after shaving to reduce shave shine. This works great and I am glad to have found it as I had used up the last of the C-M talc. Smells great and brushes easily with a neck duster.

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