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Autumn Brew Candle

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Autumn Brew: A Cozy Blend of Seasonal Delights

Our Autumn Brew Candle is a delightful seasonal indulgence. Crafted from a premium coconut wax blend, this candle embodies the essence of autumn with a custom fragrance that harmoniously blends the rich aroma of coffee, the sweetness of caramel, the warmth of vanilla, and the spice of pumpkin.

With each gentle flicker, the Autumn Brew Candle transports you to a cozy coffee shop on a crisp fall morning, creating an inviting ambiance perfect for relaxation or gatherings. It's hand-poured with care.  Embrace the essence of autumn with our Autumn Brew Candle and experience the cozy, comforting vibes of the season.

13 Ounce Candle:

  • Coconut Wax Blend
  • Custom blend fragrance oils
  • Burn time: 50+ hours
  • White, heavy glass vessel, with bamboo lid
  • Double Cotton Wick
  • Great for medium to large rooms
  • Gold Foil Label
Fragrance Notes

• Coffee • Caramel • Vanilla
• Pumpkin Spice

Candle Care
  • Trim wicks to 1/4" prior to each burn
  • For the initial burn, follow these guidelines:
    1. For our larger 13 Oz candles, you want about a 4 hour burn
    2. For 12 and 10 oz candles, about 3 hours
  • NEVER burn a candle longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Keep your lit candle on a flat, heat resistant surface AND never leave unattended
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Discard candle when there is about 1/2 inch wax remaining (or use a candle plate for the last few hours)
  • Please review the candle label on the bottom of the candle for any additional instructions

  • See our blog for more info!


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