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Get ready to amp up your retail game with our awesome wholesale lineup, available through Faire! Picture this: your shelves stocked with the products that your customers won't be able to resist. From our heavenly soy melts to room sprays that transport you to paradise, and don't forget about our oh-so-luxurious hand soaps. Finally our we also recently added some select cold process soap bars – they're like little pieces of art for your shower! By adding these gems to your inventory, you're not just selling products; you're curating an experience. So why wait? Dive into the world of wholesale with us today and let's make your store the talk of the town!

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Wholesale Info

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Wholesale via Faire

Maximize the potential of your retail enterprise by capitalizing on our wholesale program in collaboration with Faire. Enhance your store's product line with a carefully curated assortment of premium items, encompassing a variety of categories. Among our offerings available for wholesale are sought-after products such as soy melts, room sprays, hand soap, and a selection of cold process soap bars. By incorporating these coveted items into your inventory, you not only enrich your offerings but also cater to discerning clientele seeking quality goods. Seize the opportunity to access competitive wholesale rates and streamline your procurement process through our partnership. Align with us today to elevate the appeal of your establishment and propel sales to new heights. Partner with us via Faire and embark on a journey toward retail excellence.