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Not so much pine.

I wear pine & fir scents because I am an avid gardener & florals attract mosquitoes and bees so I was thrilled to see pine body powder! Unfortunately, the pine scent is very mild & is pretty much overwhelmed by a floral scent.(think shower to shower with a little bit of pine) so I am very disappointed. Too bad because I would have been a customer for life if it actually smelled like pine.

Hi, we have sent you an email. We don't want anyone disappointed.

If you’re skeptical of bar shampoo, let this cast away all doubts

I’ve wanted to switch to bar shampoo and move away from plastic packaging for awhile. Another company markets heavily on social and caught my attention, but the price point and shipping were too steep for something I wasn’t sure I would stick with, so I went searching for a similar cedar scent when I found this one an Bayside. The price was fair and reasonable, the shipping incredibly fast and fairly priced and I knew I was supporting woman-owned small business and reducing my environmental impact—but would it work? Could I get the same rich lather that the half-gallon plastic tubs of “3 in 1” give me with the smells I love from the trendy brands that tragically leverage toxic masculinity and turned me off of their product? The answer is YES. It’s lather on lather in lather —like an almost cartoonish amount. The smell is fantastic, my hair feels better than it ever has and is actually brushable (it’s notoriously thick and wavy). I’d bought some body wash from another place that doesn’t lather nearly as well and costs 3 times as much so I’ve just put in my order of bar soap as well. I’m so pleased with the product, the variety and the price I can’t wait to try others. Do good, smell good, take care of yourself, the planet and support small business —that’s a win every way around!

Thank you! We're glad you liked our shampoo bar! Thanks for supporting our small business (oh, although we also love to support women owned business, we are guys :) )
If you like Tea Tree..try our Renewal Zen Shampoo bar, a blend of tea tree, rosemary, mint and lavender!


Love all your soaps and powders love this magical scent! Not too strong just right!

Thank you!!

Great shampoo for abandoned dogs I rehab as a foster and help them recover from very sad conditions and start to trust humans again!

Awesome Powder

I purchased this key lime body powder is a replacement for the long discontinued Caswell-Massey lime talc. I use it after shaving to reduce shave shine. This works great and I am glad to have found it as I had used up the last of the C-M talc. Smells great and brushes easily with a neck duster.

Great for bathing foster pups and dogs!

Lathered nicely, slight smell, rinsed easily and pups were willing! Good rubdown with freshly washed and dried towels and the pups were ready to give kisses and take a map!

Very distinct scent.LOVE IT

This bar is the first one of alot of different scents and I already love this soap..Price is good and it seams to last well as I shower 2 times a night due to my machinest job.Im very happy with my purchase and will buy again when I get low or find out about any sales.

Thank you! Be on the lookout next month

enjoying this a lot

This really does smell like candy and bubblegum to me. So fun and whimsical. The soap is also well made, lathers up very well and is easy to rinse off. I will probably buy from this soap maker again!

Thank you!

Saturday Morning Cartoons

The scent was really amazing , it smells like fruity pebbles or fruit loops. It’s like a comfort food in a candle form. Burns really well and evenly. The candle itself is packaged very well , it’s in a glass container with a very pretty wooden top. Will definitely order again.

Thanks! This is an amazing fragrance!

Tropical hideaway

Package arrived quickly and it was packed very well. I ordered a few different scents but this one was one of my favorites. It has the perfect blend of tropical fruit scents. Will definitely be buying more of these!

Thank you! We've got some amazing new fragrances coming this spring!!

My mistletoe soap bar

Well I know it is going to sound unrealistic but I wash my hair with this soap for last two years, I heard from old lady that it is good for people who loose their hair,since I'm using this soap my hair is looking better,fuller and eaven my hair lady asked me what do I do because my hair looks so much better. I use just mistletoe soap bar no more shampoo or conditioner.

Thank you!

Cucumber melon awesome

Love this company! Each powder was wrapped separately and gift bagged! They really make you feel special! I love everything about this company and was exactly what I was looking for as it's all natural no chemicals! Will be recommending to my family and friends! Amazing

Thank you. We’re glad you like this

Best powder bananas!

Love this soap and this company! Will be ordering more!

Thank you!

Candied Ginger Soy Melt
Amazing Company!

Everything I have ever received from Bayside Soapworks is high quality but this last order I placed really stood out. I treated our family to a wide variety of body washes, bar soaps, body sprays, sugar scrubs, wax melts and a wax warmer and our home and bodies now smell amazing! Every single item is handmade in California, with the highest quality ingredients and packaged beautifully. The soaps and body wash smell amazing and leave you with soft clean skin. The sugar scrubs are just the right consistency to exfoliate your way to baby smoothe skin (the Cherry Almond scent is my favorite!) The body sprays get me compliments everywhere I go. And finally, the wax melts and candle products are long lasting, fragrant and in a delectable variety of scents. They even offer a wide array of wax warmers at a great price so you have everything you need. I will not get home and body products anywhere else ever again. Thank you Bayside Soapworks!

Thank you! We are glad you enjoy everything :)

Brown Sugar & Fig Body Powder
Terri M.
Brown Sugar and Fig Powder

This used to be one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works. It didn’t smell anything like it but I liked the light powder scent it had.


First time buying n I love this smell alot,it lathers nice n nice size fie the money. Been years since I bought store soaps.Now hope they come out with a peppermint one , don't care for citrus or lavender scents , allergies !

Thank you! We actually will have a peppermint fragrance coming soon :)

Balsam Air 3 Wick Candle
Rhonda H.
Great winter scent

Beautiful clean crisp winter scent. Burns evenly. Shipping was was fast and the little soap and wax melt samples are an amazing and unexpected surprise whenever I open a box from Bayside. I have purchased a few things from this company and they never disappoint. Also a quick shoutout to the Blended Gen podcasts where I first heard about Bayside. I have not been happier with my purchases.

Thank you again! Glad you like it :)

Body powder

Love this product snd everything I’ve ordered for bayside. High quality products!

Thank you!

Captivated 3 Wick Candle
Teresa M.
I love how my house

I love how my house smells!

Thank you!

My signature lotion now

My signature lotion now

We are so glad you like it! :)

Sierra Winter Candle
Teresa M.
Smells amazing!!!!

Smells amazing!!!!

Thank you. We have more fragrances planned for launch in the new year! :)

Cinnamon Stick Soy Melt
Rhonda H.
Soy Melts are the best

Love the subtle scent of cinnamon. The melts last longer than I expected. Can't go wrong with this favorite scent that I will buy again.

Thank you! There are lots more coming too :)

i love the smell and

i love the smell and love how my hair feels after washing with it. Thank you Bayside :)

Thank you again :) Glad you like our shampoo bars.

Good natural soaps

Good natural soaps

Thank you!

Brown Sugar & Fig Body Powder
Jamye G.
Great body powder!

I love the smell of the powder- it has a very light scent. The scent lasts all day and it doesn’t conflict with any body lotions, sprays, or perfumes. It also does a great job of absorbing moisture on warm days. I plan to purchase more in the future.

Thank you!!