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Marble Modern Wax Warmer

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Limited Edition

This wax warmer is a step above the rest. Only available in a limited quantity.

This warmer has a marble finish with a silicone dish to make wax removal effortless.

The major benefit is the timer. You can set these to 3, 6 or 9 hours auto off, or on all the time.

Naturally, you want to melt your soy melts in smaller periods and not non stop to maximize the fragrance.

In addition to the timer function, these now include a low, medium and high setting. With the low setting you will get a longer, more subtle fragrance burn. Medium is the traditional setting you'd be used to with a traditional warmer. The high setting will give the maximum fragrance throw, but will also burn off the fragrance at a faster pace.

When you're done with the wax melt, simply let it harden and pop it out of the dish. Cleanup couldn't be easier!

  • NEW! Low, Medium, and High-Temperature Settings
  • NEW! Continuous "ON" Setting
  • 3-6-9 Hour Auto Shut-Off Timer
  • Easy remove Silicone Wax Melt Dish
  • Built-In Ceramic Heater
  • Compatible With All Wax Melts