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    Eco Friendly Packing Bayside Soapworks

    Eco Friendly Packaging

    Our Commitment to Mother Earth: Eco-Friendly Packaging in 2024 and Beyond

    We're excited to share some big changes we've made this year to lighten our environmental footprint. As a company that cares about your well-being and the planet's health, we're constantly seeking ways to make our products as sustainable as possible.

    What's New in Our Packaging?

    • Body Powders: Say goodbye to plastic! Your favorite body powders now come in sleek, recyclable paper tubes.
    • Soaking Salts: Relax and soak knowing our bath salts are nestled in biodegradable pouches that break down naturally.
    • Bar Soaps: Select soaps now have a biodegradable shrink wrap – a small step with a big impact.
    • Packing Peanuts: No more pesky plastic peanuts! Our starch-based peanuts dissolve in water or can be added to your compost.

    Carbon Offsetting: Taking Responsibility

    We know shipping products has an environmental impact. That's why we've committed to offsetting the carbon emissions from all our shipments in 2024. This means supporting projects that reduce greenhouse gases, all at no additional cost to you!

    Recycling and Reusing: It's Easier Than You Think

    • All Product Containers: Our jars, bottles, and tubes are all designed to be recycled or reused creatively.
    • Bubble Wrap Mailers: Don't have a local recycling option? Most grocery stores will happily accept these in their plastic bag recycling bins.
    • Cardboard Boxes: Remove any tape and these are ready for the recycling bin or compost pile.

    Continuous Improvement: Our Ongoing Journey

    We're not stopping here! We're always exploring new ways to reduce waste, utilize sustainable materials, and minimize our carbon footprint. We believe in transparency, and we'll keep you updated on our progress along the way.

    Your Part Matters!

    We encourage you to reuse and recycle our packaging whenever possible. Every small action helps create a healthier planet for us all.

    Together, we can make a difference.


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