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Cinnamon Broom Soy Melt

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Our Cinnamon Broom Soy Melt has a warm and inviting scent that will transport you to a country store. This soy melt is infused with the spicy aroma of true cinnamon with woody notes that will fill your home with a comforting and nostalgic scent. The rich and warm aroma of cinnamon is known for its ability to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, making it the perfect scent for the colder months.

This soy melt is made with all natural ingredients and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional candles. Its long-lasting fragrance will fill your home with the comforting aroma of cinnamon sticks, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home.

Experience the warm and inviting scent of our Cinnamon Broom Soy Melt, like the cinnamon broom in a country store. Perfect for adding a touch of warmth and nostalgia to your home, this soy melt will spread the holiday cheer and bring a touch of warmth to your home.

Each scent cube lasts 4 - 6 hours.
Total weight 2.5 Oz. Up to 36 hours fragrance.