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Eco Friendly Packing

Bayside Soapworks

Eco Friendly Packing Bayside Soapworks
Eco Friendly Packing Bayside Soapworks

How we package our products has evolved in the past year. Initially, we would wrap our soap bars in shrink wrap…plastic. We decided to try and get away from this. We transitioned to using a kraft color soap box in 2021. Late 2022, we have switched to using a white soap box for our regular size soap bars and a kraft soap box for our large square bars.

We continue to use eco friendly packing materials. Our packing “peanuts” are 100% bio-degradable. They are starch based and will dissolve in water. They are not Styrofoam. Our boxes are cardboard, which is recyclable. Our paper padding can also be recycled. When we use a bubble mailer, either our own or from the USPS for priority mail, most areas also recycle this material. If they are not accepted by your local trash/recycle pickup, most grocery stores that recycle plastic bags…also take this. You can pop it in the bin with plastic bags.

We continue to look for ways to minimize packing materials, but also keep your items safe during transit. We will continue to use the most eco-friendly materials we can find.

(oh, by the way… our soap boxes, wax melt containers and all bath and body bottles are 100% recyclables as well)


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