Wickless Candles

Wickless Candles

What is a wickless candle?

In general, a wickless candle is just that.  It is a candle in every sense, minus the wick.  Wickless candles release their fragrance by placing on a candle warmer.  Because there is no flame, the fragrance oils do not evaporate and typically last longer.  Sometimes they have a stronger scent throw.  Generally, you would allow the candle to begin releasing its fragrance, but you would still want to turn your warmer off after about 4 hours.  Afterall, you want the fragrance to last. 

Many people often “set it and forget it”, leaving their warmer on all day, all night.  While yeah, your house will smell great, the fragrance also won’t last long.  A typical 8-ounce wickless candle (wax type plays a factor as well), can have it total fragrance throw last anywhere between 50-60 hours.  Seems like a long time…. UNTIL you let it go 24/7.  It then last less than 3 days.  SO... In a nutshell, turn it off...make it last!  These last longer than your flame candle...if used the right!

The Pros

  • When used properly...wickless candles can be a cleaner alternative.  They don't drip.
  • There's no flame.  This, for some, is a safety issue.  You want the fragrance of a candle, but not the flame.
  • Clean up can be easy...soy wax spills are really easy to clean with just soap and water
  • Fragrance can last a lot longer since the over temperature of a candle plate is lower than a flame.  Also, the fragrance doesn't instantly evaporate...again because no flame.
  • Our wickless candles can hold a higher fragrance load since there is no flame

Ok, some cons

  • There's no flame (see, the same thing can be a pro AND a con) ... this can amount to personal choice, really
  • You won't hear a crackle from a wooden wick
  • You have to have access to an electrical outlet for the candle warmer

Ok, as you can see, there are some good things, then there are some things that some just need to have.  A flame can be mesmerizing for sure.  But sometimes there are situation where that just isn't a possibility.


Before trying a wickless candle, you can try our soy melts first to get a great idea of the fragrance.  Our soy melts can last a total of up to 36 hours as each cube can last up to 6.


Fragrance throw for any candle, wick or no wick, as well as a soy melt will depend on where you are placing your candle or warmer.  Size of the room/area plays a big role.  In a small room, the scent will be quite strong.  In a large open space, like a great room, the scent may be more subtle.


Let us know if you have any questions!!


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