Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs

Information on our current line of sugar scrubs

Different types of sugar scrubs:

Currently, we offer 2 different types of sugar scrubs.

  • Coarse Sugar Moisturizing Scrub

Our coarse sugar scrubs use coarse, fair trade sugar in a skin nourishing oil base.  These scrubs are not whipped and also do not have any soap base or foaming properties.  These are typically used for exfoliation and moisturizing.  For this type of scrub, you will want to slightly mix the product first.  Apply a small amount to skin.  It is recommended to rinse/wash area.  Please take caution as these scrubs will make your skin and shower/bath slippery as they are oil based.


  • Fine Sugar Scrubs 

These sugar scrubs use fine white granulated sugar.  We use a reduced oil base and increase the amount of sugar.  These scrubs are more dense and less fluid than our brown sugar scrubs.  They do not have any foaming or soap like properties.  These scrubs exfoliate well and are less coarse than our brown sugar scrubs.  To use:  Apply to skin and rinse.  Because this product has oil, take care in bath or shower.


We currently do not offer a whipped soap based sugar scrub...BUT we are testing some different formulations now.  Look for these to come in the summer!


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