Rewards Program

Rewards Program Information on our new rewards program

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Rewards Program

Rewards Program


We are pleased and excitied to announce our new Rewards Program!


How does it work?

Simple... for every dollar you spend (minus on gift cards) you will earn 1 reward point. Once you hit 100 reward points, those points can be redeemed for $10.00 off your order.


We are evaluating this new program and plan to try out options like bonus points on certain products or categories.


We have also started a referral option. Refer someone to our site. Once they create an account, we'll reward you with 5 points.


In order to obtain rewards, you MUST be a registered customer and have created an account. You can use the "Create an Account" option above, or just click HERE. The rewards program is automatic for all customers with an account.

Discounts will still apply when rewards points are used.

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