Our Fragrances

Our Fragrances

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Balsam Cedar: This is an amazing forest scent with notes of pine, cedar leaf and juniper berries.  Perfect year round.


Blackberry Violet: Wonderful blend of fruit and floral.  Soft notes of violet and jasmine with blackberry, vanilla and sugar notes.


Blue:  Very bold citrus fragrance with notes of bamboo and lilies.  Hints of amber, musk and patchouli. 


Cherry Almond: A very classic fragrance with a blend of cherries and almonds.


Coconut Hibiscus: This fragrance mixes light florals of violet & hibiscus blended with luscious vanilla and coconut.


Coconut Water & Pineapple: The scent of the tropics.  This blends pineapple, coconut and goji berry with sugar, musk and tonic.


Cotton Breeze: This fragrance has notes of cotton blossom combined with a hint of lemon.  Mid notes of fresh linen with a sandalwood and powder base.


Cotton Island: A very fresh fragrance with notes of lily of the valley, rose and jasmine blended with fresh air.


Cranberry Chutney:  Delicious cranberry with mild notes of spice, grape and vanilla.


Cranberry Fig:  Tart cranberry blended with sweet figs.


Cranberry Orange:  A wildly popular mix of fresh orange with touches of tart cranberries.


Eucalyptus Spearmint:  Traditional and amazing blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with notes of ginger.


Honey Caramel:  Popular fragrance that combines honey and sweet caramel with notes of citrus, florals and vanilla.


Honeysuckle:  Fresh honeysuckle is mixed with fresh air notes and bergamot.  Followed by lilly, jasmine and rose among greens and neroli.


Icicles:  Very fresh and invigorating blend of cypress and ozone with notes of spice and jasmine.  Base notes of slight sweetness and cedar with moss.


Indian Sandalwood:  A warm outdoorsy fragrance blending fresh air and mint, with lily of the valley, patchouli amber and sandalwood.


Lavender:  Clean and fresh.  Calming lavender buds with mild hints of lilac.


Mahogany & Teakwood:  Great woody blend of mahogany, teak, cedar and oak.


Mahogany Forest:  A complex blend with mahogany, orange and red pepper.  Middle notes of sage and cognac with bourbon vanilla, amber and sandalwood.


Mango Dragonfruit:  A bestseller!  Golden mango blended with dragonfruit, pineapple, melons and bananas.  Hints of berries and vanilla.  Totally fruit heaven!


Mango Sorbet:  A delicious blend of mango, raspberry and lemon.


Mistletoe Kisses:  Wildly popular blend of cranberry, blue spruce and citrus notes.  Infused with fir, peppermint and cedar essential oils.


Moonlight Garden:  Take a stroll through a garden of bergamot, mimosa, violet and jasmine.  With notes of lily of the valley, soft wood and musk.


Romance:  Limited time… Exotic fragrance with jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang.


Rose Petal Jam:  Limited time fragrance.  Soft romantic rose blended with vanilla and a hint of citrus.


Sage Citrus:  Popular blend of clary sage with sparkling lime and crisp, tart lemon.


Satsuma:  Bursting satsuma mandarin oranges with orange zest.  Mildly blended with orange flowers.


Saturday Morning Cartoons:  Take a walk down memory lane to your Saturday morning cartoons, sitting with your bowl of fruity cereal.  An amazing scent of “fruit rings” or prehistoric fruity “rocks” with cereal milk!  You’ll love it!


Seaside Sailing:  This fresh and clean fragrance has notes of sweet melon and fresh sea air.  Not overpowering.


Spiced Cranberry:  A classic fall fragrance that has notes of tart cranberry, cinnamon and cloves with hints of orange.


Vanilla Cotton:  Fresh, clean blend of cotton flower with bergamot and orange.  Notes of rose, vanilla, musk and lily can be detected.


Volcano Citrus: A bold citrus blend of zesty orange and currants with pineapple, strawberry and raspberry notes.

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